【Tsuba】Mumei (Kyo-Sukashi) “Jyuzu Tsunagi design”


Specially big and thick are the good points for Old and real Kyo-sukashi Tsuba.  the beginning of Edo period Kyo-Sukashi became more weak and simple Sukashi line.  However this piece is another art work.  the line of Sukashi are used by Tagane carving technique which prove the old Muromachi peirod, and distinctive Seppadai are also ...

【Tsuba】Renrai “Crane and Turtle”


Studied from old Ko-Akasaka Tsuba and it is strong Kebori and beautiful Iron color seems wet and rich Tetsuaji.  Thick enogh like good Akasaka and shaped Seppadai also learned from Akasaka way. Size: (top) 7,8 cm (wide) 7,7 cm (thickness) 0,69cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Age: The end of Edo period Price: 160,000 JPY

【Tsuba】Mumei (Ko-Akasaka) “Kiri design”


Original design of old age of Muromachi Ko-Akasaka and Tekkotsu on Mimi are also great point to prove the age.   and using this piece by later Higo famous Masters create their own design of Kiri Sukashi Tsuba.   and those are the history of Daimyo fittings. Size: (top) 8,0 cm (wide) 7,99 cm (thickness) 0,61 cm Attachment: NBTHK ...

【Tsuba】Matsuyama Syoami Morikuni


Iyo Syoami Morikuni is one of the best master, and covered Urushi on surface remains very naturally, which proves past age of this Tsuba and you can feel the calculated beauty of history of this tsuba. Size: (top) 8,25 cm (wide) 7,95 cm (thickness) 0,48 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Signature: Matsuyama Syouami Sousyo,  Chuko Kaizan Morikuni Price: 200,000 ...

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