【Tsuba】Matsuyama Syoami Morikuni


Iyo Syoami Morikuni is one of the best master, and covered Urushi on surface remains very naturally, which proves past age of this Tsuba and you can feel the calculated beauty of history of this tsuba. Size: (top) 8,25 cm (wide) 7,95 cm (thickness) 0,48 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Signature: Matsuyama Syouami Sousyo,  Chuko Kaizan Morikuni Price: 200,000 ...

【Tsuba】Mumei (Ko-Kinko) “EnkoHogetsu”


The Monkey try to catch the moon on the surface of lake, but it drop down into the lake.  which means Samurai should know what you can do and can't.  The famous design of sword fitting. Size: (top) 6,8 cm (wide) 6,18 cm (Thickness) 0,41 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Ko-Kinko Price: 150,000 JPY  

【Tsuba】Mumei (Hayashi Tohachi)


Amazing Tetsu Aji rather than normal Higo work and the shape of Hitsu whole, Seppadai and the line of Sukashi work prove the normal work of Hayashi Family, Yes it is certificated by Hayashi Tohachi. Size: (top) 7,74 cm (wide) 7,5 cm (thickness) 0,55 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Hayashi Tohachi Price: 300,000 JPY  

【Tsuba】Tamagawa Yoshinobu


Same art work of Kakejiku painting, design into sword fitting are not simple work, but special design of the master Tamagawa Yoshinobu. Size: (top) 7,18 cm (wide) 6,89 cm (thickness) 0,5 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Tamagawa Yoshinobu Price: 200,000 JPY  

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