【Katana】Bisyu Okayama Ju Chikkansai Yoshitaka


There were the Last culture Renaissance at the end of Bakumatsu and Meiji period of Japan, such as the master Kiyomaro sword smith, Kano Natsuo for Kinko, Syoami Katsuyoshi for Kinko from Okayama, and this master Henmi Yoshitaka also from Okayama Bizen.   Those masters are the legend for our last Japanese culture.  and this ...

Hot summer is comming in Kyoto

2014 summer

I hope all the sword collector would have a great summer in this year.   I will be in San Francisco Sword Show on Aug 1st.   Please enjoy to love the great  Art piece of Japanese culture and history. The picture is at Chion-in temple at Higashiyama District of Kyoto