【Tsuba】Mumei(Kagazougan) “Japanese drum”


Japanese Drum called " Kakko" uses when play the Gagaku or Tougaku means to start the playing.  and also means start of war.  Urushi on surface shows the enough past age and Hirazougan technique are very simple but this piece let the art work wider and deeper. Size: (top) 8,33 cm (wide) 8,24 cm (thickness) 0,33 ...

【Huchigashira】Ishiguro Masayoshi Sold


Shinchu wave base and gold, silver, Syakudo Houju Design are the technique of Japanese Kinko great work with edge of silver different design wave are very gorgeous work for Satsuma Shimazu Daimyo family, and style of Satsuma fitting of thick and heavy sword called "Jigenryu" style. Size: (Huchi) top 3,99 cm wide 2,39 cm (Kashira) top ...

【Tsuba】Mumei (Kanayama) “Cross Sukashi” Sold


Strong iron trained and knead evident Tekkotsu are the one of beauty characteristic of Kanayama Tsuba, and many collector love to own this aged Muromachi piece. Size: (Top) 7,43 cm (wide) 7,38 cm (thickness) 0,55 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Kanayama Age: The end of Muromachi peirod Price   "Sold Out"  Thank you very much dear Sir in Gifu.  

【Tsuba】Izumi No Kami Yoshiro Koike Naomasa


Big and Gorgeous Tsuba made by famous master of Koike Naomasa.  The style of Heianjo Zougan of Kiri Ivy and silver and Cooper Soemon Zougan of Kiri flower are shining and beautiful.  He created the school of Yoshiro Zougan from Heianjo Zougan Style and he receive the Izumino Kami class from Japanese emperor which are ...

【Tsuba】Munemasa (Kao) “Moon and Namichidori”


 The master for Toudou Daimyo Family at the end of Edo period, and studied at Egawa Toshimasa. Shinoda Munemasa master lived at Ise country Kui area.  the design shows absolutely Bakumatsu beauty and great art piece. Size: (top)7,76 cm (wide) 7,13 cm (Thickness) 0,4 cm Attachment: NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper Age: the end of Edo period Price 300,000 JPY  

【Tsuba】Mumei (Ko-Syoami)


Old aged distinctive Seppadai and beautiful color of Urushi remain on the surface of Tsuba, great training of iron "Tekkotsu" on the Mimi.  the good Ko-Syoami Tsuba aged around the end of Muromachi period. Size: (top) 8,0 cm (wide) 8,0 cm (thickness) 0,47 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Ko-Syoami Age: the end of Muromachi period (A.D 1650) Price ...

【Tsuba】Nishigaki Kanpei 62 years old


The brother of 2nd Nishigaki Kanshiro and he created Tsuba around 80 years old, famous master of Hishigaki Kanpei Zaimei Tsuba.   the design is "Syochikubai" the good luck for long life and health with Gold Zougan are great. Size: (top)7,67 cm (wide) 7,52 cm (thickness) 0,51 cm Price: 270,000 JPY