【Tsuba】Mumei (Ko-Syoami)


Old aged distinctive Seppadai and beautiful color of Urushi remain on the surface of Tsuba, great training of iron "Tekkotsu" on the Mimi.  the good Ko-Syoami Tsuba aged around the end of Muromachi period. Size: (top) 8,0 cm (wide) 8,0 cm (thickness) 0,47 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Ko-Syoami Age: the end of Muromachi period (A.D 1650) Price ...

【Tsuba】Nishigaki Kanpei 62 years old


The brother of 2nd Nishigaki Kanshiro and he created Tsuba around 80 years old, famous master of Hishigaki Kanpei Zaimei Tsuba.   the design is "Syochikubai" the good luck for long life and health with Gold Zougan are great. Size: (top)7,67 cm (wide) 7,52 cm (thickness) 0,51 cm Price: 270,000 JPY  

【The great season of Autumn Higashiyama】


Coming November are the one of the best season of sightseeing walking around Kyoto quiet area.  and The trees and leaf are changing their color to get ready to be welcome to the all creatures. Good season for enjoying and appreciating to your life, food, culture, and swords with your loving family.   Best Regards to all sword ...

【Tsuba】Mumei “Kiri Karakusa “


Technique of Nunome Zougan are the famous by Umetada family at the beginning of Edo period, Higo Nishigaki, Kamiyoshi Family, and Awa-Syoami.  the surface of Urushi shows the age and little bit missing gold Zougan also prove the age of spend more than 300 years old. Size: (top) 7,42 cm (wide) 7,16 cm (thickness) 0,47 cm Price: ...

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