【Tsuba】Syouami Ikkou “Awaho design”


The representative master of Aizu Syoami family, the master Syoami Ikkou lived on the middle of Edo period at Mutsu country Iwashiro area.  and great work with thick gold Zougan on Awaho which are very rich and brings good luck. Size: (top) 8,2 cm (wide) 8,0 cm (Thickness of Seppadai) 0,49 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper  Signed ...

【Huchi Kashira】Mumei (Ishiguro family) Sold


Shibuichi Nanako Ji and flowers like Ikebana of Kadou.  the different art design by Ishiguro family from Goto way, and it's absolute beautiful. Size: (Huchi) top 3,9 cm wide 2,39 cm (Kashira) top 3,31 cm wide 2,01 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Ishiguro Age: The end of Edo period Price  "Sold Out"  Thank you very much dear Sir ...

【Kozuka】Goto Mitsumasa (Kao) “Snow flowers” Sold


Beautiful design like the Japanese Kimono or Kakejiku painting.   Our old Japanese have rich heart to wait warm spring with cherry blossoms, whch is the back design of this Kozuka.  Goto Mitsumasa was the nephew of the master Goto Ichijo and studied at Goto Mitsuakira. Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Age: the end of Edo period Price  "Sold ...

【Kozuka】Mumei (Ko-Minou) “Grape design” Sold


Tired Syakudo Nanako looks very good and feel the old age of Muromachi, and Minou Bori on gold plate and put on the Kozuka are great work of Ko-Minou. Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Ko-Minou Age: Momoyama period Price   "Sold Out"   Thank you very much every time dear Sir in Saitama.