【Tsuba】Sendai Ju Hirata Mitsunobu add some parts of Tsuba


Mr. Hirata Mitsunobu add the gold Hukurin, gold Hitsu Hukurin, and spider parts using gold and pearl accessory on old Suaka Tsuba.  The spider net and Hyotan design used the technique of Shippou Zougan. Size: (top) 6,87 cm (wide) 6,8 cm (thickness) 0,49 cm Mei: Kai Ka (add) Syowa Inu Saru (Syowa 43th) Hori No, Yamagata Kyomachi ...

【Tsuba】Mumei (Satsuma)


Using thick and heavy the most expensive Syakudo for this tsuba and great work of Kinko skill. Size: (top) 7,71 cm (wide) 7,68 cm (thickness) 0,5 cm Attachment: NBTHK Hozon paper Mumei Satsuma Age: the end of Edo period Price: 400,000 JPY

【Tsuba】Mumei (Heianjo Zougan)


The color of Urushi still remain on the surface of Tsuba, it helps to show the great age and condition.  and also this tsuba is great because of the color of Shinchu Suemon Zougan.  the red and orange color of Shinchu shows the older age than normal Heianjo called Ounin Tsuba. Size: (top) 8,61 cm (wide) ...